Vitazon Partners with Florida Abolitionist

Silently, across the United States of America - the land of the free - men, women, and children are being bought and sold for sex while others are being forced into slave labor. The leading anti-trafficking agency in Central Florida, Florida Abolitionist, has developed an effective model for ending modern-day slavery.

Vitazon Distributors has partnered with the FA team to help spread awareness and raise money to rebuild the lives of human trafficking victims and prevent it from continuing to ruin lives in our community. Vitazon has promised to donate 10% of every sale made using promo code HELPFA to the Florida Abolitionist organization.  

Each purchase will help us END human trafficking while your mind and body are nourished with organic nutrients from the Peruvian Amazon. Use promo code HELPFA today and join the movement against modern-day slavery.

Get involved today! 

Help us track using the code: "HELPFA" at check out.

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